For our City to move forward together as a just and inclusive community, we need a City Council that works together for all of us. 

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My wife Nikki and I have chosen to live and raise our family in Wilmington. We cherish our life in Wilmington for the experiences it affords us and our children in ordinary times: playing catch with our daughter Sophie in Rockford Park; entering the gates with her at Frawley Stadium to see her favorite Blue Rocks take the field; admiring the art she learns to create at the Delaware Art Museum; running with our little guy, Christopher, in a stroller around the old Wawaset Park racetrack loop; watching him toddler around on the playground at Stapler Park; sitting him on Santa’s lap (or trying to) at our neighborhood tree lighting; going out for date night the two of us at Nomad, where our love story began; seeing a show, the three of us, at the Grand; relaxing, the four of us, on the rooftop deck at the Oyster House of a lazy summer evening.


We tell friends and family that our Wawaset duplex will be home until we cannot climb the stairs anymore. So we very much want our City to be a place where not only will we feel comfortable and safe growing older, but where our children will consider raising their children. For that to happen, we need our City to move forward together as a just and inclusive community. Never has this been more important, or a greater challenge, than today as our community confronts the human and economic toll associated with the novel coronavirus pandemic.


The just and inclusive community we envision needs gleaming, full office towers downtown, but also varied and vibrant small businesses spread throughout our city. It needs more blue-collar jobs and it needs to make a priority of investing in its greatest resource, its people. I will be a voice on Council for a balanced approach to economic development that prioritizes inclusive prosperity.


For Wilmington to be an attractive place to live, work, and play – and, even more importantly, for Wilmington to be a place where children growing up within its limits experience real opportunity – our City has to continue to make progress in reducing crime, from car break-ins to shootings. I will be focused as a Member of Council on encouraging and supporting the Administration’s focus on data-driven policing, while also encouraging the Administration to continue and go further in its efforts to diversify our police force and build community trust.

Moving forward as one City, particularly as we rebound from the economic havoc wrought by COVID-19, means ensuring that all our residents are able to access and maintain stable, affordable housing that is healthy and safe and that contributes positively to the character of our neighborhoods. I will be a voice on Council for ensuring that landlords in our city meet their obligations to their tenants and their neighbors. As someone whose day job as a public defender in Wilmington is to ensure individuals facing a loss of their liberty have quality legal representation, I will support the establishment of the same right in Wilmington for those threatened with the loss of their homes through eviction. 


I learned some simple values as a post-9/11 Marine combat veteran. Service over self. Mission above ego. Advance together. Leave no one behind. That is the kind of City Council Member I will be for the Eighth District.

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